Communities need action now. Every dollar spent in an unsafe and illegal market robs communities of much-needed investments in education, healthcare, and infrastructure. Smart, adult-use cannabis regulations will allow Illinois to:

  • Create economic development in communities that have long been left out.
  • Support entrepreneurial opportunities that propel Illinois into the future.
  • Create approximately $525 million in new tax revenue to support investments like education, healthcare, and infrastructure.
  • Illinois is long overdue to bring equity, restorative justice, public safety and new revenue to our communities.


Legalization of adult-use cannabis in Illinois will…

  • Restore rights of individuals affected by legacy cannabis charges.
  • Repair damage to over-policed and disadvantaged communities.
  • Create equity opportunities in communities that have long been left out of a profitable industry.
  • Provide equitable access to legal cannabis industry and ancillary businesses for black and brown entrepreneurs by prioritizing underserved populations and communities devastated by the War on Drugs.



Prohibition has not worked.

  • 780,000 Illinoisans report past-month use.
  • Regulation of a legal industry provides for quality control and stringent best practices unlike the illegal market, ensuring safety in the market.
  • Legalization in Colorado and Washington has not hurt police effectiveness. Clearance rates for certain crimes have improved.



Moving resources out of illegal markets and into a regulated market will provide much needed revenue to our schools and social services. The Illinois Economic Policy Institute estimates that adult-use cannabis will:

  • Create approximately $525 million in new tax revenue
  • Boost the Illinois economy by 1 billion annually
  • Allow the state to use a portion of the revenue to support investments in education, healthcare and infrastructure
  • Create 2,600 new businesses and 24,000 new jobs in Illinois